20060615 sonar.es day1

so we have just got back to the apartment Ian booked, there's a thunderstorm going on right now but we have had an amazing day. We are staying in the heart of the old town – I'd recommend the extra euros for this place – not just location, but having our own place and not staying in some hotel in just grand (the place is grand too). 

Sonar … how to describe … well it's been a mixed day. I'm amazed at the people who have come to this electronic audio/visual 3 day fest from across the globe – spotted some aussies, french, dutch, english and tomorrow we will see a famous kiwi act 'fat freddys drop' so its a global party.

The sonarday is situated right in the city and if you believe that last year some 90,000 people attended, then you get an idea of the size of the centre where this event is held. There is also a new tech symposium which surprised me – people doing cool stuff with mobiles, GPS and music. First demo I saw was of a system that plays random music based on Satelites currently flying overhead!

Once the rain has stopped I think we'll head out and explore the off-Sonar clubs. Perhaps a dance on a terrace in a club overlooking BCN! or maybe we'll go find some German techno in the form of the Tresor record label (we've seen some of their stuff in LON).

Author: Damien Saunders

Damien Saunders is a Management Consultant. When not working, he is based in Brighton, UK. Damien specialises in Programme Management and Product Development. Damien is a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at age 14. Currently Damien is specialising in the development of project management tools using jQuery, SharePoint and stuff.