20060625 Depeche Mode

By the time you make it to The 30’s it’s not often that you get to ‘pop a cherry’ so when I was offered a ticket to see Depeche Mode live, I jumped. Well thanks to Levon, he had a spare ticket to the o2 wireless festival,

This ‘festival’ in Hyde Park has to be the most corporate over-branded, over-hypeed and awful MOR music event I’ve been too. Ad’s for SMS competitions every 20mins and if you weren’t with o2 it seemed like you could barely use a loo, let alone enjoy yourself.
Anyway back to Depeche Mode – well they have been around since the 1980’s but it wasn’t really until Violator (c.1989) that they managed to top the single charts with pretty much every track off that Album. Their earlier album Songs of Faith and Devotion (thanks Jamie) had also given them a credible swag of emo-loaded numbers to pull out and play. So the set list had to be a mix of the new album Playing the Angel and much older stuff The setlists are on the bands’ website but included A Pain That I’m Used To(new), Suffer Well (new), from sofad Walking In My Shoes with superb Red visuals, In Your Room, Judas and from Barrel of a Gun we have Martin singing Home while Dave freshens up. From Violator you could pick any track but I think we only got Policy of Truth and Personal Jesus. Finishing with a flashback to the encore started with another track sung by Martin – leading some people to wonder if Dave is losing his voice??


Author: Damien Saunders

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