20060629 Antony & Cleopatra and Don Giovanni

If you’re into rape, ‘licentous’ behaviour, unrequited love and murder then this weeks post is for you. We had a busy week with moving and setting up the new flat and so had to take a break from this and get cultured with a play and an opera.

My first Mozart opera experience was Don Giovanni. I have to say it was a bit of a struggle after 2 very late nights moving and unpacking. Our ‘modern day’ Don Juan is caught attempting to get in bed with Donna Maria and then kills her father before making off. He then tries to get it on with Zinefrea who only that day married … adding more twist. Though not fully staged the cast all have been ‘working’ on this production for some time, all were from an Italian theatre so they knew what they were doing and a few costumes or props might have helped. Of course it comes to a dramatic end for the Don and a very short moral number to remind us about the price we pay for this kind of behaviour.

Later in the week we went down to the Globe Theatre on the banks of the Thames. A brilliant venue constructed in wood with a thatched roof. We also had good weather and good seats so didnt have stand or rained on from the open roof. Antony and Cleopatra is maybe not as well known as Romeo + Juliet but at least it has battles, sex, suicide and more melodrama than a night in front of Neighbours. Good ol’ Shakespeare!

So that was 2 very different bits of cultural activity by 2 brilliant creators – and anyway, if all the classics have this much bloody action and drama then I’ll go see more

Author: Damien Saunders

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