20060911 The coming week

Ok it’s a solemn day today – 5 years on since the WTC was removed from the NY skyline along with a few thousand good people. This week is going to be busy with a trip away to Istanbul, TR and next week I’m off to Johannesburg, ZA for work.

Walked into work today listening to Aerosmith‘s album from 1989 – Pump. You so quickly forget how much of a masterpiece this was for its time. Just about every track on this album got released and did bloody well in NZ at the. ‘Love in an Elevator’ I remember as a hit of that summer.

I think at the time, I might have gone along to see them live … but now I’m not sure. The power of Google doesn’t extend to what I was doing in 1989.

I’m heading back to Turkey this week too … Istanbul. Yes, going to talk to them about Vodafone live! and a few organisational things. They have put me in an old summer palace that is now a hotel … on the Bosphorous, I hope the weather is nice. Yay!

Back on Friday night and maybe Rick will be here – or maybe he won’t. Not sure just yet.

Out on Sunday night to see an interesting progressive/electronica act called Matmos with Levon. Going along without Ian (thanks for the tickets) as he’s off to his Grandfathers 80th!

Author: Damien Saunders

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