20060927 Shakespeares’ Cymbelline @ Stratford-Upon-Avon

As the RSC this year is doing all the works of Shakespeare, it’s time to dust off one of the lesser known plays. This one is part tragedy, part comedy – your left not too sure what it wants to be. It’s a great story – the King, Cymbelline has been lost in his depression since his 2 sons were kidnapped 20 years before and his only daughter has gone against and married his adopted son. He’s remarried and the former nurse is just power hungry and her son is worse. Complicated … just like Shakespeare really!

This new production by Kneehigh Thearte Company – who did Tristan and Yseult last year that I loved so much … is full of energy, flashing lights, explosions, songs and dance. Done in a small thearte ‘in the round’ style and very experimental, you’d be forgiven to think it even was Shakespearian drama.

After an astonishing few years of creative frenzy, Kneehigh has emerged as a major force in contemporary theatre. With its vivid, physical storytelling style, Cornwall’s award-winning, and ground breaking theatre company interpret Shakespeare for the first time.

Artistic Director Emma Rice and writer Carl Grose will create a new adaptation of the rarely performed Cymbeline. This wild, giddy and elemental production will see Kneehigh dance through invasions, misunderstandings, intimacies and betrayals, with heart-stopping poetry, live music and touching madness. Never has confusion been so pleasurable and surprising.

Author: Damien Saunders

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