Istanbulu is what I am

Excellant source of info and twisted expat humour that is Timeout Istanbul has made my first week all the more enjoyable

Apparently I’m an Istanbulu – I think the extra u is for a language rule which says your vowels must have harmony, believe it or not. But I’m settling in. There is nothing that is more fun then trying to get your head around a completly new language which has no resemblance to any you have previously studied.

So far I’ve not been run over by a mad driver, though they are all mad – braving a pedestrian crossing is a risk all of its own. But I can’t say driving is a good experience. Everyday this week the driver has been late which means dealing with ‘rush hour’ traffic problems and arriving at work usually 2 hours later … you then repeat the whole same exercise in the evening. My day usually starts at 6.20 heading to the gym, rushing breakfast and cursing the driver between 8am and 8.30am when they turn up.

I haven’t started smoking – but the next person who lights up around me, better be SHARING. Everyone smokes here, at breakfast, in the car, in the office hmmmmmm and the smog in the evening is ridiculous.

I was surprised to realise that it snows in Istanbul and it was cold enough yesterday to be bloody snowing in North Queensland as far as I was concerned. It was that cold. Yes, we were expecting snow. NOW I AM WORRIED. If it snows in London, it snows in February to just be romantic, here in Istanbul … its all blue skys and sunny … no snow, thank you.

Back to London on Tuesday for 2 days in the office, supporting my team who are coming up to learn all the technical stuff that they can learn on Vodafone live! Guess who is coming to Istanbul next weekend! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Author: Damien Saunders

Damien Saunders is a Management Consultant. When not working, he is based in Brighton, UK. Damien specialises in Programme Management and Product Development. Damien is a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at age 14. Currently Damien is specialising in the development of project management tools using jQuery, SharePoint and stuff.