Google Calendar Mania

Are you thinking of coming to Istanbul? Wanting to hang out in the bazaar, haman or the Harem? Then check my Google Calendar to see if I’m going to be around (or if someone is here already).

Istanbul is such a great city and January can be both warm (average 10C) or snowing and cold. February is likely to be very STRESSFUL and BUSY. March is getting better and then suddenly I’ll be thinking of London again!

So Google me … and if you don’t have a googlemail address /// I can get you one!

Author: Damien Saunders

Damien Saunders is a Management Consultant. When not working, he is based in Brighton, UK. Damien specialises in Programme Management and Product Development. Damien is a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at age 14. Currently Damien is specialising in the development of project management tools using jQuery, SharePoint and stuff.