Christmas Cheer and some stuff

Well its now the day after the day after Christmas. I had noticed a lot of silly people writing christmas blog posts on the meaning of life and what they had got up to this year. Perhaps I’ll try to be sentimental.

I had thought of writing a long email about how great my life is and then sending it to everyone I haven’t heard of this year, but the idea passed quickly. Equally, the idea of creating a long photo-journal in powerpoint and sending it to my dearest friends passed just as quickly. Everyone knows that there is one photo-journal for me online, which I keep more up to date than this site.

This year has been a good year and the end of it came along just as quickly as it stared. The year ends with Ian and I in Istanbul. A quiet Christmas it hasn’t been, the streets are decorated with trees, fake santas, lights and we have had snow over the past 2 days. All very Christmassy, except its for the Yeni Yil.

I’ll be here til summer 07 … back to London for adventures, hopes to get tickets for Glastonbury, Sonar in Barcelona, Glade in SE England … and a trip to Italy. I hope.

Next year looks interesting for work … no idea where I might end up this time next year. It’s all exciting.

Mutlu Yillar – Happy New Year

Author: Damien Saunders

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