Australia Day 2007

G’day, Go For Gold and hope everyone had a good weekend Down Under …

Hello from Istanbul, where we are having a mild mild warm winter -Happy Australia Day to you all and maybe I’ll just tune into Triple J Top 100!!! For most people, this day as I remember is spent hiding from the heat, after 26 Jan, it slowly gets colder.

Meanwhile, temperatures have stayed in the mid-teens and still no sign of snow or rain. Finally the papers are waking up to the fact that a warm dry winter can lead to crop failures and drought if and when spring comes. Interesting the Turkish Daily News wrote last month about the smog problem in Istanbul and blamed it on ‘illegal’ coal – which apparently was being given away to poor/low income people. So who produces the illegal coal and who distributes it didn’t seem to get much mention!

Er Ian turned up Friday night so … that explains why it is Sunday night my time and this post was for Friday … We had a good weekend, rained all day Saturday and Sunday was cold and then it snowed for an hour.

The weekend was spent enjoying Muzedechanga and the Sabanci Museum, which was a private ‘estate’ that was gifted to a local Uni to become a Museum. I wish it was my house! in a quite Bosporous Village. Great Views, Great House! The food was great too. I’ll write it up for my VegIstanbul blog.

Author: Damien Saunders

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