Cold as cold …

a few people have been showing this pic from Ankara on Sunday which was front page on TDNĀ 

Yes it is cold here finally … and it did snow for an hour in Istanbul on the weekend – blowing around big white fluffy stuff. Then the sun came out, dried up all the snow and .. oh shit thats a nursery rhyme I’m thinking of.

Yup its pretty damn cold right now. I finally turned the central heating on in my apartment. Going up to London tomorrow, British Airways stirke is off but already had been re-ticketed for Turkish Airlines … who apparently dont have a veg meal as an option. Go figure! It probably has a sound logical argument if you are Turkish.

Author: Damien Saunders

Damien Saunders is a Management Consultant. When not working, he is based in Brighton, UK. Damien specialises in Programme Management and Product Development. Damien is a serial entrepreneur starting his first business at age 14. Currently Damien is specialising in the development of project management tools using jQuery, SharePoint and stuff.