War on Words?

File this under … Bloody Brits or Bloody Aussies??

Britain may no longer parrot the US on the “war on terror”, but George Bush can still count on his other loyal ally, Australia, following a ruckus over a British diplomat’s remarks on the war in Iraq.

The tough-talking Australian foreign minister, Alexander Downer, today took issue
with the British high commissioner to Australia, Helen Liddell, who had
told reporters that Iraq was never seen as part of the “war against

In doing so, Ms Liddell, who was in Tony Blair’s cabinet when the decision was made to invade Iraq in 2003, has sparked a right row
in Australia as opposition politicans gleefully seized upon her remarks
to attack John Howard’s government over its staunch support for George
Bush over Iraq. The government was quick to back the US invasion,
providing some 2,000 troops to help topple Saddam Hussein and about 300
Australian troops remain in Iraq.

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Author: Damien Saunders

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