Alan Bennett Collection

Alan Bennett

If it weren’t for History Boys and Russell Tovey I might have missed Alan Bennett … completely. As it stands I’ve seen a number of his plays but not read a single word.

The Habit of Art is his newest play – set around an imagined meeting between WH Auden and Benjamin Britten.

Smut I heard one night on the radio and Untold Stories, I just like the cover.

I find it odd that a persons work is worth more when they are dead – once you’re gone you can’t make anything new. So I hope to grow my collection of Alan Bennett.

Orhan Pamuk Collection

Orhan Pamuk 19

The first novel from Orhan Pamuk that I read was Snow … I can see now that it’s the one book missing from my collection of his novels.

All of these are 1st Edition (either UK or US) and many of them are in excellent condition … aside from that, White Castle, My Name is Red and The Museum of Innocence are my favourite novels.